The Prototype Is Ready

It’s been quite a journey, but we’re finally here. A new kind of software is ready for testing. If you have a group of friends/family that’s interested in supporting one another using monetary and non-monetary means, you’re a perfect fit to try out the Group Income prototype, and we want to hear from you! What … Read more

March 2021 Project Update

I was blessed/cursed with a desire to understand, deeply, the world. Well, I have understood only a fraction of it so far and I can tell you, the world is a ridiculous place. It is painful, joyful, frightening, enlightening, evil, dark, ruthless, good, sweet, honest, deceitful, villainous, virtuous, malicious, kind, ugly, beautiful, and everything in … Read more

Group Income July Progress Update

The Group Income prototype is nearing completion. We will sign up groups for the prototype to give us feedback before the public release. What’s holding up the prototype? There are two reasons why the prototype is taking a while to complete: We are designing software that will affect people’s finances, and possibly their relationships. “Move … Read more

Basic Security: Our Real Goal

Money is simply a tool that exists in circumstances when there is scarcity within an economy. It is a way of measuring the scarcity-demand for something. It is therefore a way of restricting access to that something. But when a lot of people choose to charge for scarce items using money, it gives money itself … Read more

A New Series About Group Income

Group Income Shorts

What is Group Income…? …How does Group Income work…? …And what does Star Trek have to do with it? These are just a few of the questions we’ll be answering on our shiny new FAQ and our shiny new YouTube channel, starting with the most fundamental question: What is Group Income? We hope you enjoy … Read more