A New Series About Group Income

Group Income Shorts

What is Group Income…? …How does Group Income work…? …And what does Star Trek have to do with it? These are just a few of the questions we’ll be answering on our shiny new FAQ and our shiny new YouTube channel, starting with the most fundamental question: What is Group Income? We hope you enjoy … Read more

Deprecating May’s Theorem

This is a followup to “Misconceptions About Majority Rule”. We recommend reading that first. Previously, we left off with the following conclusion about May’s Theorem: The primary justification for majority rule—May’s Theorem—does not say (in math) what it claims it says (in English), and its descriptions in textbooks and across the web are misleading. Majority … Read more

What Makes A Good Voting System?

What "Voting" Means

It’s not completely clear how this happened, but somewhere in our history it was decided that, “A majority voting in favor of something indicates the presence of agreement, and we should proceed ahead.” Where this notion comes from, and the (mis)information surrounding majority rule, is the subject of this and a future post. Welcome to … Read more