What is Group Income?

What are “Group Income Shorts”?

They’re a new series of videos we’re creating to answer various questions about what Group Income is, how it works, and to explore various ideas related to it.

How does Group Income work?

We’re working on #GIshorts to answer this question. In the meantime, check out what’s on our blog and our Group Income presentation from the San Francisco Basic Income Create-a-Thon.

What is “the prototype”?

The prototype, which we’re calling Group Income Simple, is a not-quite-fully-decentralized version of Group Income that we’re building out first.

Once it’s ready we will begin conducting tests and experiments with real groups who want to try out Group Income. The purpose of these tests is to help us discover what factors result in successful groups, i.e. groups that are able to provide their members with a long-term and stable basic income.

Where do we sign up for the prototype experiments?

Right here.