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What is Group Income?

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Frontend Developer

Update (January 6, 2018): It is likely that we will proceed with one of the applicants we’ve received but you are still welcome to send in an application if you would like until we make our final decision, at which point this listing will be taken down.

Are you confident in your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS skills? Great! You might be a fit for this position. 🙂

Required attributes

  • Are confident you can convert designs/mockups into equivalent HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This position involves working with our designer to do exactly that!
  • Are comfortable using git to clone the project and run it locally as per the instructions. You must be familiar with Github and know how to create branches so that you can submit pull requests for us to review.
  • Are able to work with the Vue.js framework (or are confident you can learn it quickly).
  • You’re self-taught and are constantly pushing yourself to expand your knowledge and skillset.
  • You are not intimidated by anything written above.
  • Able to commit at least 15 hours per week for the next 6 months or so. We do weekly video chats on Monday at 9am or 11am Pacific Time.
  • Are excited by what we’re creating.


  • $52/hr in Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), or Monero (XMR) preferred (most of our donations are crypto). We can pay in USD if there is no other way.
  • Everyone who contributes meaningful work to the project will be added to the Group Income Developers group for 1 year following its launch, which will provide a mincome of some amount to its members. There will be around 7 to 10 reserved, lifetime* seats that will be given to the top contributors to Group Income as of its 1.0 launch. About 5 to 6 of these seats have already been locked in for existing contributors to date.

* A lifetime seat means that person cannot be voted out of the group.

Here’s how to maximize your chances of getting the position

  1. Use the nav bar to look through the pages on this website (maybe watch some videos, read some posts). Decide whether this project excites you. We’re only looking for people who are genuinely interested/excited in what we’re creating.
  2. Read the attributes we’re looking for. If you think you’re right for the job, proceed to Application Instructions.
  3. Apply within 5 business days of receiving this link.

Application Instructions

  1. Send an email to telling us:
    1. Why you think we should hire you.
    2. What, if anything, you think you might have trouble with (be honest).
    3. Links to at least two JavaScript-based frontend projects that you’ve written for us to review.
    4. Any questions/concerns you have.
    5. How soon you’ll be able to start.
  2. Install Keybase and send a copy of that email to greg.

We should respond back within a week or so of receiving your application (depending on how many responses we’ve received so far).


Most of the people who work on Group Income do so as volunteers. If you’d like to join our volunteer team, get in touch with us. We’re looking for designers, developers, and writers.

Every regular contributor to the development of Group Income will be added to the Group Income Developer’s Group, a special group for Group Income contributors that’s sustained by voluntary contributions from the larger network of groups.

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