Margarida Botelho and Pierre Schweiger join Group Income!

Margarida and Pierre are great.

“How great?” I hear you ask. Well, they’re sooo great, that I absolutely must write a blog post about them.

Hailing from the great nation of Portugal, Margarida Botelho is a genius designer who’s taking Group Income’s user interface to the next level. Her design sense, attention to detail, dedication, and passion for users speaks for itself.

Since joining the team, Margarida has worked diligently to produce a modern, responsive UI that works across devices:

Margarida shares her thoughts:

Joining this project is great, because I’m finally able to use my skills to work on something I truly believe in. When I joined Group Income, the idea of what this app would be was already very mature. Therefore, my work is to ensure that we break down these complex concepts and make them very easy to understand for our users.

After Anikó departed to devote her full attention to CSSConf Budapest, we needed additional help for the frontend. About 37 people applied for the job, and out of those we gave a special assignment to the top 5 (for which they were compensated). Using a point system, Margarida, Sandrina and I did our best to review submissions as objectively as we could, and this is how we discovered Pierre Schweiger. His functional and pixel-perfect implementation of Margarida’s designs impressed us all, and we were thrilled to welcome him aboard!

Pierre has been working for the last 13 years as a frontend developer in different creative agencies earning awards for his websites along the way. More recently he’s been focusing on Vue.js technology that powers Group Income’s UI, and building the website Vue Mastery in order to provide great resources and courses for developers. Pierre strives to find the little details that will make interfaces responsive and more enjoyable for users.

What’s Next

  • Updates about Group Income volunteers and pictures from our 2019 Bulgaria Hackathon!
  • Registering 8 groups for the Group Income prototype experiments.

Resources & How To Contribute

We’ve already put a lot of thought and effort into making it simple for anyone to help with the development of Group Income:

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