A Deceptively Simple Group Income Demo

Our goal for Group Income was to not just get the UI right, but to get the architecture right too.

Creating secure, decentralized, user-friendly, open-source software is hard. After many years of development, it’s finally time for a demo of the UI.

What’s really cool about this demo is that it can work for groups even in the absence of an Internet connection, or in the presence of a heavily censored Internet connection.

In future posts we will go into more detail about the architecture and how Group Income works under the hood.

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Bulgaria Hackathon

Much of what you see in that video was implemented during and after our Bulgaria Hackathon last year, and that post is still coming up.

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All significant contributors will become members of the Group Income Contributors group, which will provide its members with a basic income! If you live in a country with basic income, that’s a basic income on top of a basic income! If like most of us you live in a country without basic income, one basic income is better than zero.

Thanks to our contributors @sandrina-p, @mmbotelho, @pieer, @SebinSong, @dotmacro, @SGrondin and @taoeffect for helping us reach this point! To see a complete list of contributors visit our team page.

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